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It's way bigger than basketball... snap chat: MrDwyaneWade Twitter:DwyaneWade

Saying I'm proud of this woman is an understatement. What I get to witness of her and what her team is building has been nothing short of incredible. YES iam a proud husband and YES iam a proud friend but most importantly I'm INSPIRED!!! We will cheers some🍷 🍷 soon to success but right now I'm in awe of The GRIND that you're on. Keep it up because it's so damn sexy on you baby @nyandcompany #GabUnionNYC #Yougogirl

Just a Sunday smile!

Supporting the legend @icecube and #Big3 basketball with another legend @ochocinco #Theloveforthegameneverleavesyou

Sometimes we meet people and at that exact moment we're not ready to even meet them. That's how I met @unlawfullady BUT iam thankful that I gave her that chance and what she has done with it~has been nothing short of inspiring and incredible. I wanna say Happy Birthday to the one and only Cali(She hates me spelling her name that way but I'm the BOSS) thank you for working tirelessly and unselfishly on not only helping me build my fashion empire but being family and being there when ANYONE in this TEAM/Family needs you. We are all better because of your light. Love!!!!

Just a guy and his 🐢 #TreWade

#TBT senior nite


The lil bro @timmyjr10 and I getting that work in a week ago in LA! #nextgeneration

I wanna thank my brother @jimmybutler for keeping his word and coming to my basketball camp in New Lenox. This camp had over 500 kids from all around the world attend and No rumor, no trade, no nothing can come between a bond. That's what we've built. Thanks again 21 Savage and that first dinner in Minnesota will be on you. I hit the half court shot first. Cheater!

Good work after camp with my young brother @blakeney96 I love when a young guy is thirsty for knowledge. #remyworkouts #season15iscoming

First day of my Chicago camp is in the books and it was a Great day! Over 500 hundred kids showed up for this years camp and we are very thankful. I Can't wait to see Championship Sunday tomorrow I know it's gonna be competitive! #Dwyanewadecelebritycamp

Enjoyed speaking with @crfashionbook about fashion and taking risks #MyStyleMyWay

This video gave me a good laugh but also some insight on how we inspire our kids even when we're not looking. When your kids get just as pump before the games as you do. This is a throwback of Bronny Jr~ Zaire~Dada~Bryce~Zion getting there minds right before our 2nd championship of the Big 3 era. Everyone was apart of our success!!!

Flotation device!!! #Giantkiller #Work #wow6

Name this group?!?!

@ud40 right back at you my brother. The best thing about what I'm building in china is that you're right there by my side helping me do it. Nothing has changed since day 1 my boy and I'm thankful for it. Continue to inspire me and I'll do the same back. #Brothers #wadechinatour #wayofwade #LiNing

The #fbf is real πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Look at Daddy man with the pose tho?!?! #YoungZaireWade

πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ This is what Wade Wine does to you. Good times at one of my Wine events in china. Thank you to everyone in Yantai for the hospitality plus the band!! Oh and letting me get on the imaginary 🎀. #TOUCHIT #wadewine @dwadecellars

Pastor Wade also came on this years china tour! The way my mom and I LOVE< is bottled up in this one photo!#wadechinatour #makeyourownway #LiNing #wayofwade

Business meetings all day but first let's get a selfie. My favorite person to take a selfie with Mr. Li~Ning himself. #wadechinatour #makeyourownway @wayofwade

The impact you make on the world will be made by your ACTIONS and not your words. @wadesworldfdn and I was so thrilled to bring our lil buddy @slickn8tions to china with us. He has a dream and the passion of becoming a shoe designer. So we thought bringing him across the world to CHINA to observe and be apart of my designing sessions would not only inspire him as a designer but it will also inspire him as a young man to want more for himself. Thanks to everyone for allowing this to happen. I had such great time watching him ask question and be in awe of what he seen. #SpotlightOn

It's people all around~ waiting to see you fail~That's why I don't look backwards~ #wayofwade #makeyourownway

My #WCW(On china time) #Beingmaryjane

When I made the move to China it was never jus about me. Giving the other athletes in my brand a platform was jus as important. @ud40 @3tross1 @glennrob3 is also touring china and building their own personal brands. #wadechinatour #LiNing

"I bully myself,because I make me DO what I put my mind 2"~RapGod #wadechinatour #LiNing #wayofwade

"My world is different/Like Dwayne Wayne"#wadechinatour

Who said your path will be like others?!?! #wadechinatour

My smile is real because my life is mine. #wadechinatour

6️⃣ #wow6

It was that kinda night!!! @jimmybutler @carmeloanthony #winelovers

There's only a few things that gets me excited that's green. Grapes,Golfing Greens,Guap(Grip of money) my Green Wow 6s. #yallseewhatitriedtodohere #wow6