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@UsainBolt secures his legacy as the Greatest Athlete of All Time. #IncrediBolt

2017- London, UK. @UsainBolt races the final 100m of his professional career. #IncrediBolt

2016 Rio – @UsainBolt and the Jamaican team win the 4x100 gold, making him the first athlete to ever win three golds in all three events in three consecutive games. #IncrediBolt

2016 Rio – @UsainBolt clinches the 200m gold, making him the first athlete to win the 200m event three times. #IncrediBolt

2016 Rio – @UsainBolt wins the 100m gold with a time of 9.81 seconds and becomes the first athlete to win the event three times. #IncrediBolt

2014 – @UsainBolt grapples with a hamstring injury, but still sets the indoor 100m record in Warsaw with a time of 9.98 seconds. #IncrediBolt

2013 Moscow – @UsainBolt wins a third consecutive relay gold in the 4x100 relay, making him the most successful athlete in the 30-year history of the league. #IncrediBolt

2013 Moscow – @UsainBolt pulls out a 19.66 finish in the 200m, finishing over a tenth of a second ahead of the next fastest runner. This makes Bolt the first man in the history of the league to win three gold medals in the 200-meter race. #IncrediBolt

2013 Moscow – @UsainBolt edges out a 100m victory in wet conditions, setting the fastest 100m time of the year. A photo of Usain with a lightning bolt striking in the background is captured as he wins the race. #IncrediBolt

@UsainBolt ends 2012 with a league title in the 100m with a 9.86 second race. #IncrediBolt

2012 London – @UsainBolt and his Jamaican team win the 4x100 relay, securing his 2012 gold medal sweep. #IncrediBolt

2012 London – @UsainBolt becomes the first man in history to defend both the 100m and 200m sprint titles. He places his fingers on his lips before he even finishes the 200m race in a gesture to silence his critics and does five push-ups after he crosses the finish line, one for each of his gold medals. #IncrediBolt

2012 London – @UsainBolt wins a gold medal in the 100m just hours before Jamaica is to celebrate the 50th anniversary of its independence. Bolt is hailed as a “national hero.” #IncrediBolt

2011 Daegu – @UsainBolt is disqualified from the 100m race for a false start, but comes back to win the 200m final. This makes Bolt one of two men to win back-to-back 200m finals. #IncrediBolt

2011 – @UsainBolt comes back after recovering from an injury to run the 200m in Oslo in 19.86 seconds. It’s his first time running the event in a year. #IncrediBolt

2010 – @UsainBolt runs the 200m in Kingston, Jamaica, in 19.56 seconds for the fourth-fastest run of all time. #IncrediBolt

2009 – @UsainBolt is named IAAF World Athlete of the Year for the second year running. #IncrediBolt

2009 – 200m finals. @UsainBolt breaks his own 200m record by 0.11 seconds, finishing at world-record-breaking 19.19 seconds. He wins by the biggest margin in meet history. #IncrediBolt

2009 – 100m finals. @UsainBolt breaks his own 100m world record to run the fastest 100m race any human has ever run in 9.58 seconds, leading him to the top of the podium with a gold medal. With this legendary race, he shaved almost a tenth of a second off his previous best time. #IncrediBolt

2009 Trinidad – @UsainBolt clocks the fastest-ever 100m pre-final performance of 9.89 seconds. #IncrediBolt

2009 – @UsainBolt runs against wind and rain in Switzerland to record the fourth-fastest time ever over 200m. #IncrediBolt

2009 – @UsainBolt competes in the 150m street race in Manchester. He wins in 14.35 seconds, the fastest time ever recorded for 150m. #IncrediBolt

2008 – @UsainBolt races against his Jamaican teammate in the 100m in Brussels and beats him by 0.06 seconds. Together, Bolt and his Jamaican teammate hold nine of the 10 fastest 100m times in history. #IncrediBolt

2008 – @UsainBolt competes in Weltklasse, Zurich. He has the slowest start among his competitors in the 100m race, but still finishes in 9.83 seconds, still among the top fifteen 100m times by any sprinter to that date. He ran the race with a cold. #IncrediBolt

2008 Beijing – @UsainBolt runs the 4x100 with his fellow Jamaican teammates and wins another gold, bringing his 2008 total to three, and sets another record for his 100m leg of the race. #IncrediBolt

2008 Beijing – @UsainBolt goes for two gold medals for a double win, breaking the previous record, even against a 0.9 m/s headwind. He becomes the first sprinter to break both records at the same games. “Happy Birthday” was played over the track’s PA speakers after the race, as it would be his 22nd birthday at midnight. #IncrediBolt

2008 Beijing – @UsainBolt wins the 100m in 9.69 seconds with his fastest reaction time off the blocks at 0.165 seconds. Not only does he set a record, but he does it with his shoelace untied. #IncrediBolt

2008 – @UsainBolt is criticized for being a “lazy athlete.” So he goes and breaks the 200m Jamaican National record again at 19.67 seconds at a meet in Athens. #IncrediBolt

2008 – @UsainBolt sets a new 100m world record in NYC, running it in 9.72 seconds. It was only his fifth-ever major 100m race. #IncrediBolt

2007 – @UsainBolt runs his first 100m race in Rethymno, Crete. In his debut run, he sets a personal best of 10.03 seconds and wins the gold medal. #IncrediBolt

2007 – @UsainBolt wants to run a shorter distance (100m) in addition to the 200m. His coach tells him he can run the 100m if he breaks Jamaica’s 36-year-standing 200m national record. So he does, breaking it by 0.11 seconds. #IncrediBolt