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It's no secret we love to eat in our house and Ryan does a bombass (that's a word right?) job at making stuffed peppers and I'm certainly not complaining about having to do this dishes if he's making this for dinner 😂

Super easy to make
Healthy and delicious
Easy way to get in your veggies
Tons of filling options
Doesn't take a ton of time

Tonight we feast on breaded chicken tenders because I don't think you ever really outgrow your love for chicken nuggets 😂and tenders is just the more adult word. Leftovers this week are going to be so on point 👌🏾between last night and tonight's dinner!

What's on your plate tonight?

6 5 days until we're back!
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Watched "It could happen to you" and now I'm homesick #newyorkforever

Singing my socks off. Pretend it's the happy birthday song. Love you @fsflanagan !!!! So happy you were born. #dirtythirty #burymeattheduplex #bffs #newyorkforever

Hey you! Have you been opening the same door over and over expecting a different result?🤷🏾‍♀️

Everyday I talk to women who have big goals to change their lives in fitness or who want to start their own business or even both! But when it comes to taking that first step...starting something new and different...they give me a reason why they just can't

And to be honest it makes me a little sad that they've said "no" to themselves, to their dreams and aspirations, and to their goals. No can actually means 2 things to you

1️⃣not right now
But both put yourself on the back burner.

If you've been doing the same routine for a while and haven't been getting results, why wouldn't you take a chance to try something new.

If you've been wanting to pursue your passion and start your own business, why wouldn't you take a chance on yourself?

Because I guarantee you, no and not right now - when they're said enough ...become never. And your life will look a lot like opening and closing the same door over and over. You deserve more! You deserve to take the chance. What's the worst that could happen...

...You realize you're actually a rockstar badass queen 👸🏽 💁🏾

The @nyknicks are playing the @dallasmavs on January 7th. If any of you felt like purchasing my Christmas present a little early, now's a great time. #jennmovestodallas 🏀💙😎 #Repost @nyknicks (@get_repost)
New York's journey begins: we’ve revealed the 2017-18 Knicks schedule. Who are you most excited to see? Check it out on #Knicks #NewYorkForever

Home Opener Alert: The Knicks take their first shot against the Detroit Pistons October 21 at @TheGarden. Explore tickets at #Knicks #NewYorkForever

New York's journey begins: we’ve revealed the 2017-18 Knicks schedule. Who are you most excited to see? Check it out on #Knicks #NewYorkForever

Ne hanno visto di strada i miei piedi quest'ultima settimana, sono gonfi e doloranti! ma saranno i miei occhi, la mia testa, il mio cuore a soffrire di più della mancanza...😌 alla prossima volta mio piccolo viaggio dei sogni ❤️🌆🇺🇸#camebackhome #viaggiodeisogni #lovely #ny#nyc#newyork #newyorkforever #grazie#instaday #instagram #instalike #instalove #instagood #instadaily #instalikes #viaggiaresempre #mydream#malinconia#holiday#tuciseisempre ❤️

My favorite person comes home today and I can't even wait!!!

Most people say absence makes the heart grow fonder but I think it just makes me crazy 😜😂😂

Get home soon Ry!! I've got a lot of untold jokes for you, selfies for you to help me sort through, and hugs to be given. 🤗
Ps - dinner and wine is waiting

🥑 Avocado dreamin on a Sunday afternoon.

I tried to explain to my parents the importance of avocado toast and brunch on a Sunday, but I'm not sure they quite understood because my mom made me pancakes instead
#millenialproblems 😂

Someone enjoy brunch (and a mimosa 🥂 ) for me today!!