Future Meets Future: @frank_ntilikina + @Nike Association & Icon Edition uniforms unveiled #NewYorkForever #Knicks

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Frank Stokes

Is it going to be the starter or what πŸ€”


The Nike jerseys look dope Better than putting some other companies on the jersey.Now this I must buy

Jackson Israel

No thanks.

Chibueze ✝️is πŸ‘‘

@malidonn lol Knicks, Celtics and Lakers jerseys should never switch up. That's the way it's gon be bro. Bulls too.


@cheeb87 yo Cheeb, that shit would look fire... I'm so bored by the same ole shit... the jerseys hella boring... the Knicks logo been the same since 1918 during WWI son, c'mon. Even the Cavs tweeted their logo @nyknicks

Chibueze ✝️is πŸ‘‘

Sponsor I meant. Not logo.